1940 Census Data Release Causes Uncle Sam’s Servers to Crash

1940 Census

Come Crash Uncle Sam's Servies with over 22 Million Page Views in One Day


The government has just released over 3 million census bureau documents recorded on April 2, 1940 and made them free to view on the internet.  This data has garnered a tremendous amount of momentum, over 22 Million page views in one day; which temporarily crashed Uncle Sam’s Servers.

Despite the traffic volumes, this data sheds some light into how our lives have changed over 70 years; for example, the average man’s salary was around $900 a year, we had half as many people in the US, the racial gap was insanely wide, we have this crazy thing called the internet, and the top two industries were Manufacturing and Agriculture.  You could call this progress, but will this retrospective call for simpler times?  What can we really learn from this data to help improve our country, today?

Are you starving for more data to help further our country’s progress… well you’re in luck!  The 2010 Census data will become available in 2082…. if your alive.


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