Future Tech :: Fart Pads to Mask any Gastrointestinal Apocalypse

Fart Pads

Credit to Gizmodo.com for finding this Gem. I had this idea years ago, but some pioneer of poot just brought this to smelly Americans everywhere.

Forget the iPhone 5, Google Nexus Q, Google Nexus 7, OLED, 5k TVs, 3D technology, or anything else for that matter.  Gizmodo.com uncovered the future of flatulence , THE FART PAD.  This baby covers up any gastrointestinal apocalypse your unsettled tummy could dream up.  This opens up a world of opportunity for public farting:  Airplanes, subways, buses, in the car with your friends, in the office, or anywhere.  I say, buy it now.


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