The {NEW} MySpace?!?! Is this a Resurrection?

The New MySpace

I don't have any words for this... save.... WOW!  You really have to check out the demo for yourself at .  With a seemingly great design and distilled focus, I think this has some legs.  Can great design and functionality trump years of brand decay?  I guess we'll see, I signed up... … [Read more...]

CERN Potentially Uncovers the God Particle, The Higgs Boson

Morgan Higgs

The  $9 Billion Large Hadron Collider positioned under the French, Swiss boarder recently uncovered a 'smoking duck', that quacks like a Higgs Boson and walks like a Higgs Boson.  The so-called God Particle could shed light into the building blocks of the universe and how various forces interact with one another.  Needless to say, Morgan Freeman is pissed. … [Read more...]

Future Tech :: Fart Pads to Mask any Gastrointestinal Apocalypse

Fart Pads

Forget the iPhone 5, Google Nexus Q, Google Nexus 7, OLED, 5k TVs, 3D technology, or anything else for that matter. uncovered the future of flatulence , THE FART PAD.  This baby covers up any gastrointestinal apocalypse your unsettled tummy could dream up.  This opens up a world of opportunity for public farting:  Airplanes, subways, buses, in the car with your friends, in the office, or anywhere.  I say, buy it now. … [Read more...]

Like Something Out of Alien, Google Nexus Q Hatches into the Living Room

Google Nexus Q Boggles

Going head to head with Apple, Sony, Samsung, and Microsoft; Google hatches the Nexus Q streaming media orb to bring Google Play content directly into your living room.  Despite its Alien-like appearance - the android based media hub allows you to stream songs, photos, video, etc.  This sucker weighs in at 2 lbs (whoa) and boasts wifi, bluetooth, NFC, and a 25 watt amp.  Very cool, but would you pay $299 for this egg? … [Read more...]

Facebook Buys Instagram for $1 Billion, Whoa!

Facebook Buys Instagram

In probably one of the quickest and most surprising purchases of the year, Facebook just bought the mobile photo sharing application, Instagram, for $1 Billion in cash and stock.  The 30 Million Instagram users preferred the apps seamless photo sharing functionality over the Facebook application.  Facebook brass thinks so too. Wow. … [Read more...]

Nokia Lumia 900 from AT&T Launching Easter Sunday – Is it the Cyan Savior?

Nokia Lumia 900 Easter

When the new Nokia Lumia 900 from AT&T launches on Easter Sunday, Nokia executives are expecting big week one sales numbers.  In fact, they were so bold as to claim that the Lumia 900 week one sales will surpass 4 Million units sold, that would top the iPhone 4's first week of sales.  Except, there will be no lines outside of stores, no big unveiling, no 6 hour wait, no extra staff to handle crowds - oh yea - that's because the only person working on Sunday is the Easter Bunny as all AT&T stores will be closed for the holiday. While there is no doubt that this phone is a much needed breath of fresh air for the smartphone market - and that it is priced very well at $99 - and that it is marketed effectively - and that it has a great OS - I could go on.  But, at the end of the day, Nokia has to hope that the Easter Bunny will deliver this Cyan Savior in a few chocolate eggs. … [Read more...]

Official Specifications For Google Project Glass Leaked

Google Project Glass Specs

We all watched in awe as a Google Glasses user seamlessly strolled through his day helped every step of the way by Google’s helpful suggestions.  We got to experience through a first person demonstration what it would look like to experience the world with Google Glasses.  But we never got a good look at the guy who was actually wearing the glasses, right?  What does Project Glass actually look like? Well, we received an anonymous lead from a Mimesis reader who was able to get their hands on the official, confidential specifications for project glass.  Take a look – do they come with or without the body armor? … [Read more...]

Scott Thompson’s Last Stand; What is Yahoo Doing to Save Itself?

Yahoo's Last Stand

And everyone is thinking - what is Yahoo's plan?  It congers memories of another famous last stand by a Colonel George Custer; famous for an epic defeat by Sioux warriors at the Battle of Little Big Horn.  Except this battle is playing out in Sunnyvale, and the battle has just started with the slaughter of 2,000 Yahoo employees.  With a Facebook lawsuit looming, it's time to rally the remaining 18,000 employees with a concrete plan of action as opposed to relying on the dwindling power of Big Purple. Lets just hope Scott Thompson can sheath his ego and move forward with a new vision.  Save the braggadocio for Google Project Glass. … [Read more...]

American Apparel UK Ad Campaign Banned, What is the New Strategy?

American Apparel Ad Campaign Banned

The UK Advertising Standards Authority just banned some near pornographic new advertisements from American Apparel.  If you are familiar with American Apparel's messaging, you know what I'm talking about - Butts, Breasts, and Beautiful young girls.  This time, they went a bit too far. Therefore, American Apparel is adjusting their advertising strategy in the US to slip past regulators and appeal to a new burgeoning audience.  See Above. … [Read more...]

Google Project Glass, How Will These Glasses Work in Real Life?

A New Yorker's Life With Google Glasses

Today Google released a new concept for augmented reality glasses that allow you to stay perpetually connected.  The glasses, dubbed 'Project Glass' will stream all varieties of digital media via a 'heads up display' imbedded directly into these futuristic shades.  The promotional video shows a man going about his daily life, in New York City, helped along by all the perfectly timed suggestions from his new glasses. While this certainly looks like one of the coolest new pieces of tech that could sublimate laptops and smart phones - the adoption of this technology just isn't practical.  Taking into account our massive daily media consumption, the Google Glasses will inundate you with reminders, texts, calls, emails, suggestions, invites, videos, etc.  Not to mention, you'll have to walk around wearing some goofy looking shades all day. I love to stay connected; but, nothing beats … [Read more...]

Speaking of Total Recall, Three Way Mega Millions Dispute

Total Recall

  A Baltimore McDonalds worker is claiming 1/3 of the Mega Millions Jackpot last week; however, her fellow McDonalds associates assert that Mirlande Wilson bought the ticket for an 'office pool' and they have rights to the winnings.  This is a pure case of he said - she said, and their is no validity to this claim  save for a New York Post exclusive on the matter.  Lotto officials are investigating as we speak. Speaking of Total Recall.... … [Read more...]

1940 Census Data Release Causes Uncle Sam’s Servers to Crash

1940 Census

  The government has just released over 3 million census bureau documents recorded on April 2, 1940 and made them free to view on the internet.  This data has garnered a tremendous amount of momentum, over 22 Million page views in one day; which temporarily crashed Uncle Sam's Servers. Despite the traffic volumes, this data sheds some light into how our lives have changed over 70 years; for example, the average man's salary was around $900 a year, we had half as many people in the US, the racial gap was insanely wide, we have this crazy thing called the internet, and the top two industries were Manufacturing and Agriculture.  You could call this progress, but will this retrospective call for simpler times?  What can we really learn from this data to help improve our country, today? Are you starving for more data to help further our country's progress... well you're in luck! … [Read more...]

Ashton Kutcher, New Job(s)

Ashton Kutcher will be playing Steve Jobs in an upcoming independent film, NOT based off of the Isaacson book.  While the Two and a Half Men Star might not be able to build a computing and technology empire,  it looks like he might be able to pull this off... … [Read more...]



Game of Thrones Season 2 Premieres tonight on HBO at 9PM - With the second installation of MADMEN season 5 kicking off at 10PM.  This makes Sunday the best day of the week and the impending work week, just a bit more tolerable. … [Read more...]

Mega Millions; Mega Long Shot


More Mega Millions tickets were sold today than ever before.  I guess the chance of winning around one billion dollars helps motivate the masses.  But don't get too excited; the following things are more likely to happen to you than winning the Mega Millions: - You are 8,000 times more likely to be Murdered - You are 20,000 times more likely to die in a car crash - 50 times more likely to be struck by lightning - Get 3 hole-in-one's in a single round of Golf ..............I bought 5 tickets.  You never know. … [Read more...]