The Real Start-Ups of Silicon Valley; New Reality Show Featuring Pioneers from SV

The Real Start-Up of Silicon Valley - New Reality Show will definitely make waves

There are no words for this absurdity. But hey!  It will make great TV.  And you know what, I'm OK with one more reality TV show if there is some focus on technological intellectual enlightenment.  Bring on the excel spreadsheets and board room pitches - dismiss the office politics and executive drama.... … [Read more...]

Official Specifications For Google Project Glass Leaked

Google Project Glass Specs

We all watched in awe as a Google Glasses user seamlessly strolled through his day helped every step of the way by Google’s helpful suggestions.  We got to experience through a first person demonstration what it would look like to experience the world with Google Glasses.  But we never got a good look at the guy who was actually wearing the glasses, right?  What does Project Glass actually look like? Well, we received an anonymous lead from a Mimesis reader who was able to get their hands on the official, confidential specifications for project glass.  Take a look – do they come with or without the body armor? … [Read more...]

New Groupon Deal of the Day: Groupon and Andrew Mason Ass Kicking for only $6 Billion

Groupon Deal

  Five months after going public, Groupon's stock price is trading at scrutinizingly low prices due to improperly allocating funds for Q4 refunds.  Today, the company had to reduce it's reported revenue by another 3%, which prompted their stock price to slump an 13%.  Needless to say they are under scrutiny by the SEC.  Especially because of this new deal they are running, Groupon is issuing a Groupon on itself - 54% off!  Only $6 Billion! … [Read more...]

Speaking of Total Recall, Three Way Mega Millions Dispute

Total Recall

  A Baltimore McDonalds worker is claiming 1/3 of the Mega Millions Jackpot last week; however, her fellow McDonalds associates assert that Mirlande Wilson bought the ticket for an 'office pool' and they have rights to the winnings.  This is a pure case of he said - she said, and their is no validity to this claim  save for a New York Post exclusive on the matter.  Lotto officials are investigating as we speak. Speaking of Total Recall.... … [Read more...]

Ashton Kutcher, New Job(s)

Ashton Kutcher will be playing Steve Jobs in an upcoming independent film, NOT based off of the Isaacson book.  While the Two and a Half Men Star might not be able to build a computing and technology empire,  it looks like he might be able to pull this off... … [Read more...]

Game of Thrones Season Premier Reminded Us that Joffrey is Still a Dick

A Harsh King

  Game of Thrones Season 2 Premiered last night and what a show.  Joffrey couldn't help but remind me of another harsh king.  Remember the Elton John and Flava Flave Super Bowl commercial a few months ago... … [Read more...]



Game of Thrones Season 2 Premieres tonight on HBO at 9PM - With the second installation of MADMEN season 5 kicking off at 10PM.  This makes Sunday the best day of the week and the impending work week, just a bit more tolerable. … [Read more...]