CNN: Obamacare Mandate Struck Down? What!?

CNN Screw Up

We got some quality reporting from CNN today as they report that the Obamacare mandate was struck down in supreme court.  The only thing is, the Supreme court upheld the mandate.  MEDIA FAIL.   … [Read more...]

Like Something Out of Alien, Google Nexus Q Hatches into the Living Room

Google Nexus Q Boggles

Going head to head with Apple, Sony, Samsung, and Microsoft; Google hatches the Nexus Q streaming media orb to bring Google Play content directly into your living room.  Despite its Alien-like appearance - the android based media hub allows you to stream songs, photos, video, etc.  This sucker weighs in at 2 lbs (whoa) and boasts wifi, bluetooth, NFC, and a 25 watt amp.  Very cool, but would you pay $299 for this egg? … [Read more...]