DirecTV Customers Loose 17 Viacomm Channels – SpoungeBob Could not be Reached for Comment


With negotiations stalling out as of Tuesday evening, DirecTV customers can no longer  view 17 of Viacomm's Channels; including: BET, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Spike, and VH1.  Viacomm was asking for DirecTV to pay additional fees per subscriber to have access to their content; but, DirecTV did not give in.  Ultimately, the likes of SpoungeBob, Snooki, Colbert, Jon Stewart, the boys of South Park, and Dora (the Explora) will likely win. Dora and Spoungebob could not be reached for comment, but this image was captured late last night after Spoungebob heard the news - children everywhere are horrified. … [Read more...]